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At Hotel Lenz, relaxation is everywhere; outside in the countryside – and in our extensive ‘Bergfrische’ spa and wellness facilities. In cooperation with ‘Montana Relax - Wellness and Massages’, guests can look forward to a sophisticated range of spa and health treatments as our well-trained masseurs tune their skilled healing hands to your precise needs.

Arrange the ideal appointment at the reception desk. Massages, wellness and health treatment slots can be booked every day from 09.00 to 20.00. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

Montana Relax - Wellness and Massages

Relaxteam by Sieghart Lenz

Medical Wellness Therapist & Therapeutic Masseur

A-6555 Kappl | Wiese 423

Classic massages | Body Massage

The conventional massage is a well-known natural form of treatment, and its relaxing effects can be used to counteract a wide range of complaints. Imbalanced muscle use, lack of exercise and poor body posture in our everyday lives can often cause changes in the overall tension within the body, and lead to restriction of muscule suppleness. Stimulation of blood circulation and metabolic activity facilitates regeneration within the body, loosens up stiff muscles, reducing the tension and pain attached to everyday movements.

Leave the world and your worries behind! A facial and scalp massage refreshes your radiance and recharges your batteries. It stimulates the circulation of blood and clears up the surface of your skin.

Supreme relaxation! A classic full-body massage can be tailored to your current problem areas. We place our focus on the parts of the body that tend to suffer the most.

The Montana alpine massage promises head-to-toe luxury care. We give your body all the attention it requires to allow you to absorb the holiday mood and transform it into genuine, radiant relaxation.

Do your tense, heavily-used muscles need a feel-good massage? Precise pressure, kneading and the use of arnica massage milk help to dissolve the most deep-seated points of tension – all over the body.

A perfect combination of a back and a foot massage. The focus is in reducing tensions in the back before activating the entire organism.

If you’re feeling the stress of everyday life in your neck, the anti-stress massage relieves tension built up in the neck and spinal erector muscles. The additional application of warmth encourages blood circulation around these muscle groups, and it feels as if a weight has been taken from your shoulders.

We use the very best almond oil for these massages. Other essential oils with natural active ingredients include arnica, alpine herbs, marmot and pine.

Your body is given our full attention. A partial body massage focuses on the problem areas of the body – be it in the back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs or feet. Your relaxation is optimised by letting us know exactly which muscle groups we need to focus on.

On your feet all day? After a long day, sporting activities or a day of travel, your feet beg for some special attention. A foot massage has a really soothing effect and, by attending to the reflex zones, the sense of release can spread to the rest of the body.

Enjoy deep relaxation: This massage involves steam-heated herbal stamps pressed onto the body. The benefits are augmented by applying an invigorating massage milk, like arnica or St. John’t wort, to relax – and to stimulate all five senses!

Enjoy deep relaxation: This massage involves steam-heated herbal stamps pressed onto the body. The benefits are augmented by applying an invigorating massage milk, like arnica or St. John’t wort, to relax – and to stimulate all five senses!

The invigorating pine massage is execured by heating pine rods of varying lengths, on top of which a pine massage milk is also applied. The warmth penetrates deep into the muscles where it stimulates the circulation of the blood, in turn freeing up the energy flow and relieving tension and blockages.

This is a regional variation of an Asian massage: The ‘Bachstein - Hot Stone’ treatment involves heating up smooth stones from a stream. The heat emitted by the stones releases muscle tension, and attention to the chakras activates the flow of energy throughout the body.

From nature – for nature
From nature – for nature

Nature gives us everything we need to stay healthy and happy. That’s why we only use ‘Chrystal’ wellness products, made 100% from natural ingredients from the Alps.

Health and Wellbeing Treatments | Spa and Wellness Treatments

This is a peeling massage using salt crystals from the mountains. It encourages a feeling of calmness and cares for the skin. Metabolic activity is stimulated, blood circulation is enhanced, and the integrity of connective tissue improved. The premium-class honey lends the skin the valuable vitamins and minerals it requires.

The Hawaiian temple massage is an exquisite experience for the body: The palms and forearms of the Lomi-Lomi therapist are covered in a creamy layer of warm oils and slide gracefully over the surface of the skin. The massage has positive effects for the whole body, releasing tension and dissolving blockages – and with natural and gentle benefits for the psyche.

After a stressful day, a prayer bowl massage can achieve a sense of harmony for body and soul: These singing Tibetan prayer bowls create unison around the entire body and rapidly generate relief and relaxation. The pleasant vibrations emitted during this massage relieve tension and assist the selfhealing powers of the human immune system.

Body packs invigorate circulation around the entire human body. Depending on the active ingredients, a body pack can increase the circulation of blood, relieve cramps, reduce cellulite, stimulate the metabolism and generate an aura of calm.

  • Regenerative, anti-aging body packs... regenerate cells and improve skin structure, reduce cellulite and help to reduce occurrence of stretch marks.
  • Alpine herb mud packs for the body... increase your sense of wellbeing, invigorate the body, are refreshing and relaxing, intensify the circulatory stimulation of massages.
  • Sport and vitality body packs... stimulate the circulation as well as relieving tension and muscle cramps. The packs are cooling and only applied to specific areas.
  • Alpine hay packs... bring nature back to you. The aroma enters the nose and throat, and helps to relieve rheumatic complaints. The calming effects of mountain hay help to counteract sleeplessness.

Body Treatments

This is a particularly comprehensive and effective method of detoxification. Customised organic treatments free the body of ballast, energise and aid regeneration. The detox treatment achieves intensive revitalisation for tired bodies and provides the ultimate kick for every health programme.

Whether with arnica, honey and pine or St. John’s wort, the fine peeling particles of pure rock salt and micronised zeolith provide valuable trace elements and essential minerals. The combination of precious, pure and natural olive oil and whey produces wonderfully soft skin. The entire body benefits from care, nutrition and intensive hydration.

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Are you looking for a break from everyday life in summer or winter? At the Lenz you will find warm hosts and high-quality service. Around the 4-star Hotel Lenz you will find an impressive mountain landscape that is waiting to be explored and experienced. The peaks tell you great stories: Go out and gain unique experiences in untouched nature.

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Summer in Paznaun

Follow the call of the mountains into Paznauntal: Enjoy your summer holiday at Hotel Lenz surrounded by breath-taking alpine beauty! Summer recreation is good for the soul.


Winter in See

Get out onto the slopes and the fun can begin: Snow and ice play the main role in a winter holiday at Hotel Lenz in See. Winter in Paznaun, on and off-piste, is the stuff of dreams.

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